Off-Topic Audio Post: The Primary Gain From The Digital From Analog Predominancy

In the 1990's, digital audio started pushing analog out. Audiophiles were touting the clarity of the CD — but you must note that they had had access to high res digital also at that time (surpassing CD quality) — and at the same time, audiophiles were touting the smooth reproduction of thick analog vinyl. Obviously, digital formats have taken over.

So, after all this time, a truly huge enabler can be proven.

There was a huge upheaval in the consumer record buying space, and people momentarily even noticably lost some proliferation of easy to get new records.

Out came the mp3, and we gradually actually got a truly enormous shift into far more music in fact now becoming easier to get. The audiophiles of course loathing the crappy sound quality, and notably also for sure crying that people were losing the ability to buy high fidelity audio and enjoy that angle of listening (and the author does also loathe that quality and pine for high res). There is just an enormous amount of music around in fact: every little digital device HAS an audio player; and there are now millions, no, countless digital devices in everything in the world!

Digital technology enabled an incredible proliferation of tools with sound, and the primary enabler on the technical audio side is power. You can make a very low power device that will play digital audio; much less power needed than would an analog device. And as power begins to drain, the digital stream will not fail linearly: it will keep running far longer down.

So that is an incredible new world! Analog pundits can go home!

The thing about the power is simple: the digital stream is not required to maintain the above drowning power state that analog needs — as long as the stream runs at all, then the bits are in order. Audiophiles can hear jitter and require stable power supplies, but an mp3 player may never reveal it — and nor would the equivalent lower end consumer analog "cassette" of today.

So there is great ease in reproducing an mp3, and the power may be the largest factor. It's noteworthy here for me to add that increasing the resolution would ALSO not require anything different about the power in this way, but, should in fact drain the power more quickly in streaming far more bits per second (ten times between a CD and mp3).